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We will keep on devoting ourselves to manufacturing the products 10000pcs price with order QTY 500pcs FREE IMPRINT &FREE SHIPPING&FREE DIGITAL PROOF.
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1. Why we can supply Lower Price

You can get 10000pcs price with order 500pcs like these customers

With the development of Shanghai H.C Auto Gift Co.,ltd, we have fostered many factories and already get the orders from The European and Australian markets.Some of our product orders are over 50% out put for some factories.why we can get low price&quick lead time,because we are the big customer of the factory.the most important is that the factory will pay more attention to all our orders. H.C Auto Gift Core customer.


2. Why We give you Fast & Safe Delivery:

A. Cheapest Express Shipping

In the promotional gifts industry, Express is the most general shipping way. It is important that we can get a good price from Express company to improve our price competitiveness The price we enjoy is the cheapest offer in the province 55% percent off from DHL, 55% percent off from UPS.

B. Some Medium QTY ship by Express is higher, We choose our America Freight forwarder.

America Freight forwarder has cooperated with us 8 years, we had shipped USA one week about 5 Different place , the goods some only 1-2CBM, our goods shipped to our USA freight forwarder Warehouse, then they shipped them by the their logistics, It will very cheaper local cost.


C. Large QTY By Sea :
DDP : Give us your delivery address, You only waiting in your office, our perfect freight forwarder will send to your door.
DDU : Give us your delivery address, waiting in your office, our perfect freight forwarder will send to your door. Only pay the tax for the import from your customs.
CIF : We Carry the freight cost, send the goods to the near sea port, if you have freight forwarder in local , this is the best way.
FOB : If you have freight forwarder in China, this is your choice.


3. What is can Guarantee Quality

A. Shanghai H.C Auto Gift Co.ltd established our own quality control team.our 6 QC staffs will check all car gifts, car tools, car related gifts of the quality during the production & before shipping!
B. To be honest, mistakes happen in business. But not all the suppliers have the problem-solving ability.But we had never avoid to take responsibility as a car gift supplier. We want to solve the problem. And we have ability to pay for the mistake. Shanghai H.C Auto Gift Co.ltd will be honest to take responsibility for all of our mistakes. Not bring you more customers that our fault!


4. How Nice Gift Packaging we can give

Shanghai H.C Auto Gift Co.ltd has a special car gifts packaging design team, we have 3 designers and 2 engineers. As a gift, we can give your different perfect packaging with best wishes to your customer in the special date for you customer or your promotion activity.


5. Our team

Telephone: +86-21-52847688
Mobile Phone: +86-13301883563
Fax: +86-21-62844336
E-mail: sales5@shhcprinting.com
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